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House to a Home uk

In September 2017 we became aware of the desperate situation of a family known to us. A grandmother and her 2 teenage grandchildren were living in unthinkable conditions as their house had fallen into a dire state of disrepair. Despite working endless hours and seeking help from the council (who could offer no help as she owns her own home and doesn't qualify for benefits) this grandma just didn't have the means to pull herself and her grandchildren out of the hopeless trap they found themselves in. Having kept their living conditions hidden for many years the family eventually reached out to us for help and together we reached out to the wider community. As we shared this families story we were overwhelmed by the response of businesses and individuals willing to give generously of their time, skills and money. With the help of a huge team of people and so many generous donations the most amazing transformation was able to take place in this families house in just 6 weeks. We cannot thank everyone enough who stepped up and helped change lives in such a dramatic way. We especially want to thank:

To Let Wigan - who provided the main team of builders and skilled labourers

Superior Cabinets, Bolton - who donated a beautiful kitchen for free

York Windows - who donated top quality windows for free

Plumbase, Bolton - who provided a bathroom suite for free

Bolton Lions - who gave money towards new carpets

Wall 2 Wall Carpets - who provided and fitted carpets and flooring at a great price

All our friends and supporters who gave financially and helped in so many practical ways

The family are completely overwhelmed with the level of love and help they have been given and have settled in well to their beautiful home. Seeing their faces as they walked back into their home was a moment like no other. We visibly saw the transformation from hopeless to hopeful in their faces.


We are continuing to offer support and care to the family as they seek to rebuild their lives on a much firmer foundation.

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