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Food Parcels

for South Africa

A Covid-19 response

On 16th April 2020 we received a  a heartbreaking message from our friends at the Khaya Centre. They were seeing more and more desperate people coming to them for food. These were people who had no ability to work due to the lockdown. People who live hand to mouth, and now they have nothing. The amazing staff at Khaya centre had been working tirelessly to help as many people as they could but now they were running out of money to buy the food and had to turn hundreds of starving people away.


So we put out a plea for donations towards food parcels and within 24 hours we had received over £2000 in donations. As the donations kept coming in we decided to do a lockdown fundraiser and CliMb for Khaya was born. More than 30 people all climbed their stairs over and over again on Sat 2nd May with an aim of collectively summiting Everest one reaching a total of £5000. Well we smashed all our totals as we collectively summited Everest twice and raised a total of £10,000. In the coming days more donations continued to come in and we are now at a total of £11,700 raised including gift aid. 

We are so grateful to everyone who donated to this appeal. You have literally given a lifeline to some of our world's neediest people. 

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